Swamp Patch

Sample Quilt Layouts



I liked playing around with the Swamp Patch quilt block, a simple nine patch block, when it came to creating a quilt layout. Both of the quilt designs shown below use an on point layout, with differences. The quilt on the left uses additional large corner triangles to enlarge each block, while the image shown on the right shows a standard on point quilt layout. The right quilt looks (to me) like a meandering chain or sorts. I love to discover the "optical illusions" that can be created (usually unexpectedly) with a variety of quilt blocks when you start to design the quilt layout that interests you.

Download the SWAMP PATCH Free Quilt Block Pattern

  Swamp Patch quilt block image © Wendy Russell  
Sample quilts designed with SWAMP PATCH quilt block - images  Wendy Russell



Download SWAMP PATCH Free Quilt Block Pattern