Log Cabin

Two More Sample Quilt Layouts



The Log Cabin quilt block is the perfect choice for using up lots of your leftover strips from other projects. This page shows a controlled colour scheme of lights and dark fabric, featuring only pinks and blues -- simply for ease in the illustrations. However, my very favourite quilts are those that use all sorts of scraps in the design. All that is necessary in that case, is to use definite contrast between the dark and light sides.

The quilt layout on the left is probably the most frequently seen design for a log cabin quilt. The arrangement of the blocks is called Barn Raising and is a favourite among quilters. The quilt layout on the right is called Straight Furrows and brings to mind a farmer's field during planting season.

Two more LOG CABIN quilt layouts

Download the LOG CABIN Free Quilt Block Pattern

  Log Cabin quilt block image © Wendy Russell  
Two More Sample quilts designed with quilt block - images © Wendy Russell



Download LOG CABIN Free Quilt Block Pattern