Log Cabin

Two Sample Quilt Layouts



The Log Cabin quilt block is a favourite among experienced quilters and those just new to the craft. It is one of the most versatile blocks, simply due to the obvious dark and light halves of the completed block.

The quilt layouts shown below are just two of the many ways to set the blocks. Each of these quilt layouts has a name, and that name carries over into the use of any block with a definite dark and light side, so it is not limited to only using a Log Cabin quilt block.

The quilt layout on the left is called Streaks of Lightning and I am sure you can see the reason why that is so. The Sunshine and Shadows quilt layout shown on the right is one of my favourites -- partly because it is not seen as often as other designs (and I always like the "underdog"). It is a great use of "positive" and "negative" space in my view.

Two more LOG CABIN quilt layouts

Download the LOG CABIN Free Quilt Block Pattern

  Log Cabin quilt block image © Wendy Russell  
Two Sample quilts designed with LOG CABIN quilt block - images © Wendy Russell



Download LOG CABIN Free Quilt Block Pattern