Joseph's Coat

Two More Sample Quilt Layouts



I love a scrappy quilt. This Joseph's Coat quilt block is the ultimate choice to use for this purpose, due to the fact that it is designed using the story from the Bible -- Joseph and his coat of many colours.

The sample quilt layout shown below on the left uses an on point setting of the blocks and takes advantage of the background colour to use to make the centre motif appear to float. The quilt has little framing corners to complete the effect. The quilt layout on the right also places the blocks on the diagonal to introduce more of the scrap look to the quilt in the form of blank blocks and setting triangles.

    ♦ Two more sample quilt layouts using the JOSEPH'S COAT quilt block
    ♦ Download the JOSEPH'S COAT Free Quilt Block Pattern

  Joseph's Coar quilt block image © Wendy Russell  
Two more sample quilts designed with JOSEPH'S COAT quilt block - images  Wendy Russell



Download JOSEPH'S COAT Free Quilt Block Pattern