Sample Quilt Layouts



The Homepun quilt block offers up lots of opportunities to practice sewing half square triangles and flying geese patches. This nine patch block is easy to sew if care is taken to sew an accurate quarter inch seam allowance.

Whether you place the blocks side by side as shown in the quilt layout on the left or on point as the quilt layout on the right, you can see that the placement of colour in the block will then create subtle secondary patterns in the resultant quilts. The flying geese patches in the left quilt seem to be drawing your eye in all four directions, while the right quilt has these same patches form a discrete star shape. What can you design for your quilt?

Download the HOMESPUN Free Quilt Block Pattern

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  Homespun quilt block image © Wendy Russell  
Sample quilts designed with HOMESPUN quilt block - images  Wendy Russell



Download HOMESPUN Free Quilt Block Pattern