Five Patch Frame

Sample Quilt Layouts



As its name would suggest, this Five Patch Frame quilt block is designed to surround the centre patch, using the five patches as a frame. In the block image shown here, the same background fabric is used for the block centre. However, this is the perfect spot to use a "fussy cut" square of fabric or perhaps a photo image. This block would be a wonderful choice, using a photo for the centre, for an anniversary quilt or for any family heirloom.

The sample quilt layout shown on the left uses a standard side by side layout, with the same block throughout. But, the quilt layout on the right uses the blocks set on point, but additionally, reverses the fabric placements in each alternate block -- giving a totally different look.

Download the FIVE PATCH FRAME Free Quilt Block Pattern

  Five Patch Frame quilt block image © Wendy Russell  
Sample quilts designed with FIVE PATCH FRAME quilt block - images  Wendy Russell



Download FIVE PATCH FRAME Free Quilt Block Pattern