Disappearing Nine Patch

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This is an interesting quilt block -- Disappearing Nine Patch -- as, although the name indicates "nine patch" you just don't see it. That's the magic of the "disappearing" part. Simple construction of a nine patch is then followed by recutting the block and then reconstructing those new, cut pieces.

The two sample quilt layouts shown below use the standard quilt layouts -- a side by side block setting and an on point block setting -- with very different results. There is no end to the fun you can have when using this quilt block. And -- the extra good news is that all of the pieces you start with are simply squares! Enjoy the fun!

Download the DISAPPEARING NINE PATCH Free Quilt Block Pattern

  Disappearing Nine Patch quilt block image © Wendy Russell  
Sample quilts designed with DISAPPEARING NINE PATCH quilt block - images  Wendy Russell



Download DISAPPEARING NINE PATCH Free Quilt Block Pattern