Connector Chain

Sample Quilt Layouts



The Connector Chain quilt block is one of many in this style. "Checkerboard" units draw the eye across the block, and then the whole quilt. This type of block is often used as an alternate block with another choice and this will generate a secondary pattern. All in all it is a simple nine patch block to create.

For the two sample quilts illustrated I have chosen to feature only this one block, but as you can see two very different quilts emerge. Choose to use sashing strips to separate the blocks and add additional colour, or simply place the blocks side by side for a totally different outcome.

Download the CONNECTOR CHAIN Free Quilt Block Pattern

  Connector Chain quilt block image ? Wendy Russell  
Sample quilts designed with CONNECTOR CHAIN quilt block - images ? Wendy Russell



Download CONNECTOR CHAIN Free Quilt Block Pattern