Carpenter's Wheel

Three Color Sample Quilt Layouts



The Carpenter's Wheel is a favourite among quilters. This three colour version of the quilt block is the traditional choice, but the block can be made in other variations as well.

The two sample quilt layouts shown below use the two most common quilt block settings -- a side by side and an on point quilt layout.

You might also be interested in these alternative quilt layouts.

    ♦ Five colour Carpenter's Wheel quilts
    ♦ Scrappy Carpenter's Wheel quilt

Download the CARPENTER'S WHEEL Free Quilt Block Pattern

  Carpenter's Wheel three color quilt block image © Wendy Russell  
Sample quilts designed with CARPENTER'S WHEEL three color quilt block - images  Wendy Russell



Download CARPENTER'S WHEEL Free Quilt Block Pattern