BLOCKS by SIZE 8" Quilt Blocks

Eight inch quilt blocks are commonly used in quilts that are made up of one block only and the parts are easily divisible by four. Also, by setting the blocks in different layouts, you can create many different new designs -- sometimes with just a simple rotation of the block. This is not to say that larger or smaller versions of the same quilt block cannot be used in your quilt. Once again, you are the designer.

World's Fair Puzzle

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The World's Fair Puzzle was designed during the "great exposition" held in Chicago in 1893.

This easy quilt block is a four patch design featuring only squares, rectangles and half square triangles.

This geometric block has a directional nature which offers up all sorts of different creative opportunities for quilt designs, as evidenced in the quilt samples illustrated on the next page.

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