Four patch quilt blocks are constructed of four quadrants. Single patches or several pieced patches can be used in each quadrant of a quilt block. Each quadrant will be one quarter of the quilt block.

Four patch quilt blocks can be in any category of difficulty from easy to intermediate or challenging. The difference in the difficulty is based on the number of pieces that make up each quadrant.

Toad in the Puddle

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Toad in the Puddle is certainly a quaint name for a quilt block. It kind of makes you wonder where these names come from doesn't it?

This quilt block is a simple four patch made using only flying geese units and half square triangles. Colour placement can totally change this block. In this example, I have chosen to make this a very "scrappy" version, but you could easily control the colour placement.

The sample quilts shown use standard settings for the blocks -- one setting of the quilt blocks is straight across and the second is on point.