BLOCKS by SIZE 9" Quilt Blocks

There is no question that 12" quilt blocks are the most commonly used. But at times, you want to make a block that is a little smaller and uses easy math. Enter the 9 inch block -- not too big and not too small, but just fits the bill.

Thrifty Block

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Thrifty Block is often used as a connector block with other patchwork choices to create secondary quilt designs. However, the directional nature of the block, when used alone, leads to all sorts of interesting design options.

The quilt layout illustrated on the left uses 90 degree rotations of the blocks to create a sort of zigzag design for your quilt. This method of rotating single blocks or groups of blocks can create many different variations of meandering trails and shapes. An imagination is all that is required.

The quilt layout featured on the right uses a dark background fabric to make the bright scraps really pop on the quilt. The blocks are set on point which creates a vertical and horizontal trail of sparkling colours.

~ More Directional Quilt Blocks to give you ideas for other quilt layouts.