Sweet Pea

Sample Quilt Layouts

I found the Sweet Pea quilt block to be quite deceiving. It's simplicity led me to think that any resultant quilt would be boring. I was wrong. I had a wonderful time playing around with the scrappy quilt layouts using this block, and below are two samples to inspire you too. Lots of colour give you the impression of a garden.

The quilt layout featured on the left sets the blocks side by side and separates them with sashing strips. This results in a secondary pattern forming where the sashing divides the adjacent blocks.

The quilt layout illustrated on the right uses a "controlled" scrappy approach, in an on point setting of the blocks. A design wall would be a real asset here. Colour placement is key to this design, so that you end up with a yellow "flower" and an orange "flower" emerging ... and so forth. The background fabric forms a pathway between the "flowers".

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