Nine Patch Uneven Nine Patch
The Uneven Nine Patch style of quilt block is so named because not all of the nine individual patches are the same size as is the case in a regular nine patch quilt block. This style of quilt block is often used in 10" quilt block to make the math easier, but you will find this construction method in many other quilt blocks as well.

Sunny Day

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Sunny Day quilt block has a directional nature to its design, which leads to all sorts of possibilities in your resultant quilt.

The quilt layout featured on the left below uses 90 degree rotations of many of the blocks to form a geometric design -- (one of many possibilites) in this side by side setting of the quilt blocks.

The quilt layout illustrated on the right also uses rotations of some of the blocks in an on point setting. The additional blank blocks allow for an extra punch of colour and a spot for exquisite quilting designs. (I get sort of an "aztec" feel from this quilt. How about you?)