BLOCKS by SIZE 9" Quilt Blocks

There is no question that 12" quilt blocks are the most commonly used. But at times, you want to make a block that is a little smaller and uses easy math. Enter the 9 inch block -- not too big and not too small, but just fits the bill.

Steps to the Altar

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Steps to the Altar quilt block is a perfect choice if you are creating a quilt for an upcoming wedding. Although the block is designed to look like a bridal bouquet, the obvious directional nature of the block opens up all sorts of interesting design possibilities.

This nine patch block uses only squares and half square triangles -- the most basic of quilt patches. However, since there is an abundance of small square shapes to create the flowers in the bouquet, care must be taken to sew a precise quarter inch seam allowance. That's it -- the extent of the difficulty in this block.

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