BLOCKS by SIZE 9" Quilt Blocks

There is no question that 12" quilt blocks are the most commonly used. But at times, you want to make a block that is a little smaller and uses easy math. Enter the 9 inch block -- not too big and not too small, but just fits the bill.

Split Ohio Star

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Split Ohio Star quilt block takes advantage of the obvious dark and light sides to the block.

The quilt layout illustrated below on the left takes a two colour approach to the quilt and uses 90 degree rotations of many of the blocks to create an interesting geometric design.

The quilt layout featured on the right also uses two colours for the quilt. However, by using many different blue fabrics, it becomes a striking "scrappy" quilt but still "reads" as a blue and white quilt.

There are no end to the unique designs that can be created using this block, due in large part to its directional attributes.

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