Three right angled triangles are all that is needed to create one of these Flying Geese units (or patches.) The largest triangle piece is considered to be the "geese" piece -- (why it is not called a "goose" piece is beyond me). The other two identical triangles are considered to be the "sky" pieces.

Flying geese units are probably the third most commonly used patches in quiltmaking -- following the square and the half square triangle.

Sawtooth Ladder

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Sawtooth Ladder quilt block builds on the Sawtooth Star quilt block, which is the focal point in the centre of the block. This centre block is then surrounded by large quarter square triangles to complete the design.

When you look closely at the two sample quilts, you will notice that both quilts have the quilt block set on point. However by adjusting where the sashing is placed and the setting triangles, you get a very different look from one quilt to the next.