Nine patch quilt blocks are numerous and likewise, the "sister" block type -- the Uneven Nine Patch. Both can be simple or challenging, depending on the number of pieces in each quilt patch.

Nine patch blocks are comprised of nine units, laid out in three rows of three patches. This is probably the most commonly used type of quilt block made.

Uneven Nine Patch

Road to Mississippi

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Road to Mississippi quilt block is an easy block to make and, for many, it can be an introduction to the square in a square quilt patch. This patch is quite common but can pose some difficulty in the mathematics to cut just the right size of square. However, you should enjoy this patch as it is nice to deviate from the more commonly used patches, such as the half square triangles and flying geese units. A quick side note is that there are half square triangles present -- those triangles used to create the 'square in a square' units.

This quilt block is constructed as a basic nine patch block, which is the most commonly used quilt block.

The sample quilts illustrated show you just how very different you can create your heirloom quilt from another's. Enjoy!

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