BLOCKS by SIZE Larger Quilt Blocks

This page is for quilt blocks that are larger than 16" as a finished product. Some quilt block patterns lend themselves better to be larger -- generally, because they are made with measurements that are not the norm, or they are more complicated and therefore require more pieces. The good news here is that by making a larger quilt block, you need to make fewer for your final project. A win-win situation.

Ribbon Squares

Sample Quilt Layouts

The two sample quilt layouts shown below for the Ribbon Squares quilt block both utilize an on point setting of the blocks. However, it does require a second look to notice that fact as they look so very different.

The quilt layout design on the left uses blank blocks and setting triangles to give that extra pop of colour. For those who like a more geometic look in their quilt, the design on the right uses many full blocks, half blocks and sashing strips for a totally different look.