BLOCKS by SIZE 10" Quilt Blocks

What could be easier, math-wise, than a quilt block in a 10 inch size? Surprisingly, the 10" block is not the most commonly used size, (that would be the 12" block), but there are still many quilt blocks that fit into this category and here is my list of currently available patterns.

Peony Basket

Sample Quilt Layouts

The two sample quilt layouts illustrated show that even though this Peony Basket block might not have a 'masculine' name, by selecting darker colours, the man in your life will love this quilt.

The quilt layout on the left uses a side by side setting of the blocks and separates them with sashing strips. By adding the blank blocks in the centre of the quilt, this creates its own design element and offers a perfect spot to highlight your quilting designs.

The quilt layout on the right adds large corner triangles to each individual block. Careful choice of colour placement adds an additional feature that catches your eye.

~ Peony and Forget-Me-Not
~ Peony Nine Patch
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