BLOCKS by SIZE 12" Quilt Blocks

A quilter's favourite - the twelve inch quilt block. These are probably the most commonly used. The measurements divide easily and evenly for quick calculations. Whether the goal is a bed-sized quilt or a cuddle quilt in an afghan size, a 12" quilt block is your go-to choice.

Oklahoma Twister

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Oklahoma Twister quilt block is a four patch design comprised of simple shapes -- the square, rectangle and half square triangle. Due to the number of pieces that make up the completed block, I have assigned this to the intermediate level category. However, since none of the patches are difficult to make, by taking care when piecing the patches together, you can easily have a wonderful addition to your quilt in no time.

The sample quilts illustrated show the quilt blocks laid out side-by-side. For the quilt on the right, I have added in additional blank squares in various fabrics to enhance the "scrappy" effect of the quilt, and to show off your quilting skills. The quilt on the left shows the blocks laid out with no additional blank blocks. I note an optical illusion in this version. When you see the quilt from afar, it seems to be a stream of patches flowing from one to the next, in a ribbon effect. You may see something different, but all in all this is a fun quilt block to make.