Nine Patch Uneven Nine Patch
The Uneven Nine Patch style of quilt block is so named because not all of the nine individual patches are the same size as is the case in a regular nine patch quilt block. This style of quilt block is often used in 10" quilt block to make the math easier, but you will find this construction method in many other quilt blocks as well.

Mermaid's Hair

Free Quilt Block Pattern

I was watching the Disney movie The Little Mermaid recently and then a few days later just happened on a quilt block called Mermaid's Hair. This seemed to be a sign that I should make a pattern for this quilt block. Naturally, I incorporated Ariel's hair and fin colours as part of my colour scheme.

This five patch block is a good learning experience to practice your half square triangles. The only other basic shape used is the square, so the construction is pretty simple. I chose to construct the block as an uneven nine patch as I think it is easier to sew than using five rows of five, but you may opt for sewing in rows as your chosen method, and that is fine as well.

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