BLOCKS by SIZE 15" Quilt Blocks

Do you have a aversion to math? Well then the 15" inch quilt block is a welcome choice as the patches are designed in divisions and multiples of fives for ease. An added bonus is that by making a larger block, your quilt will go together in no time as there are less blocks to make.

Joseph's Coat

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Joseph's Coat quilt block is designed with the story from the Bible in mind -- that being that Joseph wore a coat of many colours. If ever there was a quilt block that demanded to be made as a scrappy block, this is it.

The two sample quilt layouts shown below are very different. The quilt layout on the left uses an on point setting of the block, with sashing strips in the same colour as the background to make the blocks appear to "float". Additional blank blocks offer up more chances to use lots of extra colour. The quilt layout on the right is a standard side by side setting of the blocks which offers a dazzling arrangement of the scraps in the quilt -- much as the original coat likely featured.

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