BLOCKS by SIZE 14" Quilt Blocks

Do you want to make a large quilt, but don't have a lot of time? The 14" inch quilt block might be your choice. Larger sized blocks equal less blocks to make and the "finish line" is in sight faster. Fourteen inch blocks are typically made as seven patches, as they are designed on a 7 x 7 grid.

Interlocking Chain

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Interlocking Chain quilt block, a seven patch design, features only squares and half square triangles to achieve this "optical illusion" block.

The quilt layout featured below on the left sets the blocks on point with large, corner triangles on each block. The different colour placement of these large triangles forms a sort of "colour blocking" effect in the resultant quilt.

The quilt layout illustrated on the right also sets both whole and half blocks on point and separates them with sashing strips to further enhance the colour choices. This creates a look of "plaid" in the quilt -- at least to my eyes.

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