Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Hemstitch quilt block is a simple design using only squares and rectangles. This block is technically a seven patch because it is drawn on a 7 x 7 grid. However, it is far easier to sew this block in "chunks" as an uneven nine patch, and we all know that "easier" is preferable.

This block is a wonderful choice for a beginner quilter as the shapes are easy to manipulate and you get to practice up on making small four patch checkerboards (a frequent component in many blocks) and also the basic nine patch used as the centre of the design.

This type of quilt block -- one with an obvious diagonal grid design -- is often used as a "connector" block, by alternating it with a totally different block to form a secondary pattern. However, it is striking on its own, as you will see in the quilts illustrated on the next page.