BLOCKS by SIZE 10.5" Quilt Blocks

A quilt block in a size of 10½ inches is not commonly used, but it is a nice "in-between" size to scale a quilt block when 14" is too big and 7" is too small. As you may have guessed, these quilt blocks fit into the category of seven patch since they are designed on a 7 x 7 grid.

Greek Cross - Seven Patch

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Greek Cross - Seven Patch is a quilt block for those who want a little more of a challenge than the more commonly known Greek Cross block, which is a great choice for a beginner quilter.

The sample quilt layouts shown below are two very different products. The quilt layout on the left uses a standard side by side block setting, with sashing strips for separation and to add extra definition to the blocks. The quilt layout on the right uses an on point setting and takes advantage of the extra blank blocks for some added colour and pizzazz to the quilt.

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