BLOCKS by SIZE 9" Quilt Blocks

There is no question that 12" quilt blocks are the most commonly used. But at times, you want to make a block that is a little smaller and uses easy math. Enter the 9 inch block -- not too big and not too small, but just fits the bill.

Garden Square

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Garden Square quilt block is designed as an "optical illusion" and is created using different values of the same colour fabric. A similar block uses this same idea -- Folded Corners -- and I would consider the Garden Square block as the next step for your skills. See if you can spot the different in the two blocks.

In order to break up the monochrome look of the block when placed in a quilt, I have added an extra pop of colour in both of the quilt layouts shown below. The red adds just that little bit of "pizzazz" in the quilt design. Both of these quilt layouts place the block on point, but with very different results. What is your preference?

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