BLOCKS by SIZE 12" Quilt Blocks

A quilter's favourite - the twelve inch quilt block. These are probably the most commonly used. The measurements divide easily and evenly for quick calculations. Whether the goal is a bed-sized quilt or a cuddle quilt in an afghan size, a 12" quilt block is your go-to choice.

Friendship Star - Intermediate

Sample Quilt Layouts

This Friendship Star quilt block is labelled (by me) as "Intermediate" because the construction of the block is a little different than the steps most commonly used. There is nothing difficult in sewing of the block, but the process is what makes this four patch block different. Actually, it is quite easy to sew so -- just go for it!

The two sample quilts shown below are designed with commonly used block settings. The image on the left shows a standard side by side quilt layout. I have rotated alternate blocks by 90 degrees to form the subtle secondary pattern as each block meets the next. The quilt layout on the right sets the blocks on point and uses sashing strips to separate the blocks. Extra blank blocks give you the opportunity to add an extra pop of colour to your quilt.

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