The half square triangle unit is probably the most commonly used patch in a quilt block -- well it is second only to the square. It is made simply with two triangles, filling up half the square each -- hence the name. Take a quick look through this website, or in any quilting magazine, and you will start to notice that this half square triangle, regardless of its size, is present in more quilts than not.

Four Winds

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Four Winds quilt block is a study in half square triangles. This block will test your sewing skills. Just note, that there is nothing difficult at all in the making of this block -- it just takes patience to construct all the patches. You will need to be very aware to sew an accurate quarter inch seam allowance due to the large number of cut pieces. Other than that, there is no difficulty here as the patches are most likely the first ones you learned to construct.

I chose to make this nine patch block with different coloured "flowers" but you could easily simplify this choice and make all of your flowers the same fabric. (I'm just a person who likes lots of colour.)

The two sample quilts illustrated show two very different quilts -- one with blocks set side by side and the other with blocks on point and additional blank blocks (to showcase your quilting skills). Enjoy!