BLOCKS by SIZE 12" Quilt Blocks

A quilter's favourite - the twelve inch quilt block. These are probably the most commonly used. The measurements divide easily and evenly for quick calculations. Whether the goal is a bed-sized quilt or a cuddle quilt in an afghan size, a 12" quilt block is your go-to choice.

Four Crowns

Sample Quilt Layouts

The directional nature of the Four Crowns quilt block opens up a huge variety of design options for your quilt. By simple rotations of the quilt blocks, either in groupings of four blocks or individually, you can often see secondary patterns can emerge.

In the quilt layout shown on the left, the blocks are set on point and the rotations of some of the blocks create a secondary pattern. The quilt layout on the right sets the blocks side by side with rotations of groups of the blocks for a totally different look.