As a general rule, an intermediate block is rarely more difficult to make -- it just contains more pieces and therefore more seams. This is the reason that it is important that you can sew an accurate quarter inch seam allowance. Once you have mastered a precise seam allowance, you will have no difficulty in sewing the majority of quilt blocks.

Four Corners

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Four Corners quilt block resembles the Ohio Star, but has additional interest in both the centre of the block and the four corners.

This block is a wonderful choice to enhance your piecing skills as there are many quarter square triangle patches used in the block. The cutting instructions I have given will leave you with a few extra quarter square triangles to use for other blocks. It is a better choice to cut these pieces in this manner, rather than as half square triangles for those patches, in order to make the best use of the grain of the fabric and prevent distortion of the pieces.

The sample quilts illustrated give you ideas of how you may introduce sashing between the blocks to add extra interest or to give the illusion of "floating" blocks, by using the same fabric as the background for the sashing.

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