BLOCKS by SIZE 7" Quilt Blocks

If 7 is your lucky number, then the seven inch size of quilt block is for you! It is not all that common in use, but if you are wanting to make smaller blocks, this category of block is a just a scaled down version of any 14" quilt block.

Doves in the Window

Free Quilt Block Pattern

For those of you who are looking for larger blocks, the Doves in the Window quilt block might be just the choice you need. (But I didn't forget those of you who love to create miniature blocks, so I have included cutting measurements for a 7" quilt block as well.)

This seven patch quilt block (which I chose to construct as an uneven nine patch block) could be a "sister" to the more commonly used Bear's Paw block because it uses all the same pieces -- they are just laid out with a slight difference.

This quilt block can be considered as both an easy or challenging block to make. It all depends on the precision of your seam allowance, since there are many individual pieces. However, none of the components are difficult to make.

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