Double Links

Free Quilt Block Pattern

I had fun with this Double Links quilt block. It is not a block for the average beginner, only because it contains so many pieces. But, if you look closely at the block, you will see that it contains mainly half square triangles, with a few three quarter square triangle patches added. These three quarter square triangles are so named as each square contains three triangles, of two different sizes. The smaller sized triangles in this patch are cut as quarter square triangles, using two of the four cut pieces per patch.

The fun with this quilt block came with the design of the sample quilts illustrated. By rotating some of the blocks by 90 degrees, you achieve a different look (although it is subtle). Using extra blank blocks in your design will allow you to feature your quilting skills. All in all, it is a wonderful choice for those up for a bit of a challenge, although with patience and precision a beginner could also master this quilt block. Let the stitching begin!