Nine Patch Uneven Nine Patch
The Uneven Nine Patch style of quilt block is so named because not all of the nine individual patches are the same size as is the case in a regular nine patch quilt block. This style of quilt block is often used in 10" quilt block to make the math easier, but you will find this construction method in many other quilt blocks as well.

David and Goliath

Sample Quilt Layouts

The David and Goliath quilt block is a seven patch block that is constructed (for ease in sewing) as an uneven nine patch. This biblical block creates some striking quilt designs.

The quilt layout shown on the left uses an on point setting and features sashing strips to separate the blocks as well as extra pops of colour in the form of blank blocks to showcase your quilting skills. The right quilt uses a standard side by side quilt layout for a totally different look.

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