BLOCKS by SIZE 7.5" Quilt Blocks

Ten inch quilt blocks are a favourite of quilters. However if you are wanting to make a smaller version of any given 10" block, with a little finagling, the math for a 7½ inch block is not that difficult. And -- for the blocks below, I have done that math for you! A win-win!

Crown of Thorns

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Crown of Thorns quilt block is a simple five patch block, but instead, is sewn as an uneven nine patch -- simply to make the construction easier. Lots of half square triangles are featured in this block -- which is one in a series of biblical quilt blocks that you will find on this website.

The two sample quilt layouts illustrated below utilize the most commonly used settings for your quilt blocks. A simple side by side layout with sashing strips to separate the blocks is a favourite among quilters. The quilt with blocks set on point features additional blank blocks for an extra pop of colour, and also, it's a place to showcase your quilting skills.

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