Nine Patch Uneven Nine Patch
The Uneven Nine Patch style of quilt block is so named because not all of the nine individual patches are the same size as is the case in a regular nine patch quilt block. This style of quilt block is often used in 10" quilt block to make the math easier, but you will find this construction method in many other quilt blocks as well.

Cross Patch

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Cross Patch quilt block uses only the simplest shapes in quiltmaking -- the square and the rectangle -- and as a result, could not be easier.

This block teaches you first how to construct a basic nine patch which is used in the centre of the block. Following that, you continue to sew the remaining sections as an uneven nine patch -- the process is the same as to construct the centre part, but the sections are uneven, hence the name.

All in all, this is a simple, yet effective quilt block to begin your quiltmaking journey. And -- the resultant quilts will surprise you with their striking designs. (One of the sample quilts I designed looks to me like a "plaid", and if you follow this website at all, you will know I do love a plaid.) Check out the design possibilities on the following page.