BLOCKS by SIZE 15" Quilt Blocks

Do you have a aversion to math? Well then the 15" inch quilt block is a welcome choice as the patches are designed in divisions and multiples of fives for ease. An added bonus is that by making a larger block, your quilt will go together in no time as there are less blocks to make.

Cross and Crown

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Cross and Crown quilt block is one of many biblical blocks you will find on this website.

The quilt layout featured below on the left finishes each block with large corner triangles to enlarge the block and also to add extra pops of colour to the quilt. Careful colour placement of these large triangles is what achieves the sort of "colour blocking" effect in the resultant quilt.

The quilt layout illustrated on the right sets whole and half blocks on point and separates the blocks with sashing strips. The completed quilt design has a sort of "plaid" look as a result -- (at least in my opinion).

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