BLOCKS by SIZE 15" Quilt Blocks

Do you have a aversion to math? Well then the 15" inch quilt block is a welcome choice as the patches are designed in divisions and multiples of fives for ease. An added bonus is that by making a larger block, your quilt will go together in no time as there are less blocks to make.

Cross and Crown

Free Quilt Block Pattern

There are many variations of the Cross and Crown quilt block and I chose to make the one that had more fabrics, and thus more colours to work with. My colour scheme sort of went with the name of the block -- brown for the cross that Jesus carried, gold with hints of red for the crown of thorns, and red for the obvious reason.

This quilt block is a wonderful choice for new quilters to learn of the unit that is often referred to as a three quarter square triangle patch. You will use both the quarter square triangle and half square triangle pieces to make this unit.

Although technically this block is a five patch design, it is sewn (for ease) as an uneven nine patch, since I prefer to work with "chunks" rather than row by row. However, you might choose to sew it in rows if you find that simpler for you.

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