BLOCKS by SIZE Larger Quilt Blocks

This page is for quilt blocks that are larger than 16" as a finished product. Some quilt block patterns lend themselves better to be larger -- generally, because they are made with measurements that are not the norm, or they are more complicated and therefore require more pieces. The good news here is that by making a larger quilt block, you need to make fewer for your final project. A win-win situation.

County Fair

Free Quilt Block Pattern

For those wanting to make larger quilt blocks, the County Fair block might be the answer. Not only is it an interesting choice, you can make some really striking quilts depending on how you set the blocks.

The main reason for making this as a large quilt block, is that it contains smaller blocks within. These smaller blocks have quite a few pieces, and therefore those pieces are smaller, and as a result, there are more seams and more bulk.