BLOCKS by SIZE 16" Quilt Blocks

Larger quilt blocks offer the incentive that there are less to make to produce your quilt. When time is limited, this size of block is your best friend. A second feature is that you can try a more difficult design as the pieces may be many, but the sizes of the patches are easy to work with. A win-win all around.

Circling Overhead

Sample Quilt Layouts

Both of the sample quilt layouts illustrated below use on point settings of the quilt blocks.

The quilt layout featured on the left uses both full and half blocks as well as lots of blank blocks alternating between them. This allows for those extra splashes of colour and is further enhanced by using sashing strips to separate the blocks.

The quilt layout shown on the right adds large corner triangles to each individual block. This allows the quiltmaker to introduce a variety of colours for these large triangles to produce a sort of "colour blocking" effect due to their carefully planned placement.

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