BLOCKS by SIZE 8" Quilt Blocks

Eight inch quilt blocks are commonly used in quilts that are made up of one block only and the parts are easily divisible by four. Also, by setting the blocks in different layouts, you can create many different new designs -- sometimes with just a simple rotation of the block. This is not to say that larger or smaller versions of the same quilt block cannot be used in your quilt. Once again, you are the designer.

Chinese Puzzle

Sample Quilt Layouts

The Chinese Puzzle quilt block is not too exciting at first glance. But by using 90 degree rotations of some of the blocks and/or flipping other blocks, you can create a stunning variety of quilts -- often with an optical illusion. Both quilts shown below use rotations of the blocks while the quilt on the right also uses flips of the colours to create mirror images. Lots of fun can be had when using this quilt block.

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