BLOCKS by SIZE 6" Quilt Blocks

Many quiltmakers like to make six inch quilt blocks in order to use a greater variety of blocks in a sampler style quilt. Another reason might be to test out the look of a block in a smaller size in order to save on the fabrics (just in case the block looks very different than in your imagination).

Whatever your reason for creating six inch blocks, the pieces are all just smaller versions of larger sized quilt blocks -- such as the most popular size, the 12" quilt block. This is what makes quiltmaking so exciting -- you are the designer and get to choose all the components.

Chevron Stripes

Sample Quilt Layouts

You might like the idea of creating an optical illustion quilt and if so, Chevron Stripes might be just the right quilt block you need. By flipping and/or rotating some of the blocks you can create unique and interesting quilts. These two illustrations of sample quilt layouts shown below can give you just an inkling of the unique designs you can create.

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