BLOCKS by SIZE 16" Quilt Blocks

Larger quilt blocks offer the incentive that there are less to make to produce your quilt. When time is limited, this size of block is your best friend. A second feature is that you can try a more difficult design as the pieces may be many, but the sizes of the patches are easy to work with. A win-win all around.

Carpenter's Wheel

Sample Quilt Layouts

This version of the Carpenter's Wheel quilt block features five colours, rather than the usual three colour version. The extra colours can add additional interest to the quilts. However, don't think this is a "hard and fast" rule. You might choose to make a three colour version for your personal quilt.

The quilt layout shown on the left features the blocks set side by side, with a centre section to showcase your quilting design. The quilt layout on the right sets the blocks on point for a totally different look. Which will you choose for your heirloom quilt?