BLOCKS by SIZE 14" Quilt Blocks

Do you want to make a large quilt, but don't have a lot of time? The 14" inch quilt block might be your choice. Larger sized blocks equal less blocks to make and the "finish line" is in sight faster. Fourteen inch blocks are typically made as seven patches, as they are designed on a 7 x 7 grid.

Bear's Paw (or Bear Paw)

Free Quilt Block Pattern

The Bear's Paw quilt block is an old favourite. This is despite its unusual size due to the fact that it is a seven patch block. However, this quilt block is a wonderful choice, especially if you wish to make larger quilt blocks for your finished quilt.

This Bear's Paw is built on a 7 x 7 grid, but rest assured that this does not mean that you have to construct 49 patches. Simple rectangles, squares and half square triangles are all the components in this quilt block.

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