Amish Squares

Free Quilt Block Pattern

I took a liberty when I chose the fabrics for the Amish Squares quilt block. Typically, Amish quilts are made with solid fabrics, but I chose to use fabrics with patterns, because I like those. And ... since this will be your quilt ... you can do whatever you like with your quilt blocks.

I made another choice in the construction of this quilt block. Rather than sew the squares as a five patch (five rows of five patches), I chose to create this block as an uneven nine patch. Neither method is right or wrong, I just prefer to work with larger patches when I am getting to the "home stretch" of the sewing.

This block could not be easier, as it is comprised solely of squares. The only thing you have to decide is what size of quilt block you want to make. I have given you instructions for four different sized blocks.