BLOCKS by SIZE 5" Quilt Blocks

5" Quilt Blocks


For those quilters wanting a little more of a challenge, five inch quilt blocks might be the answer -- smaller blocks usually means more blocks to make. Another reason for using five inch blocks is to create a secondary pattern. By using 4 blocks and rotating each of them, you get a different larger quilt block. These larger blocks can then be laid out in variety of ways to make some very interesting original designs.

Alaska Homestead
Album Frame

Alpine Cross
Amish Squares
Auld Lang Syne

Auntie's Puzzle
Back and Forth
Basket Puzzle


Baton Rouge Square
Black Hole
Blue Yukon
Bright Jewel

Brighton Beach
Broken Dishes Cross
By the Sea


Cain and Abel
Christmas Basket
Churn Dash - Variation