Easy Quilt Blocks


Easy quilt blocks -- the title of this page says it all. But, do not be deceived into believing that "simple" means "boring". Simple blocks make it a fun way to make a finished project in record time. These quilt blocks are great for beginners to get addicted to the whole quilt making process. But, don't think these blocks are just for beginners. Experienced quilters enjoy using simple blocks to make spectacular quilts as well. Your end product is only as limited as your own imagination.

Squash Blossom
Star and Octagon

Star in Diamond
Star on Star
Starlight Geese

Steps to the Altar
Stone Tiles


Sunset Trail
Swamp Angel
Swamp Patch
Sweet Pea

Swing in the Center
Temple Court


Texas Shoofly
Thrifty Block
Toad in the Puddle